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AWS Connector

AWS Connector for SAP is a SAP Addon, that enables SAP business processes to be extended to Amazon Web Services cloud services. It includes the ABAP SDK for AWS to enable ABAP developers to build applications that integrate with AWS services along with tools for integrating AWS services with SAP functionality.

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Emory Cloud Backup

Emory Cloud Backup is a SAP Certified Backint implemetation fpr SAP Databases that integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of your SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases and leverages SAP administration tools to manage your database backup catalog stored on Amazon S3.

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SAP Ready AMIs

Our SAP Pre-installed Systems are a series of Amazon Machine Images (AMI´s) packed with all necessary software to deploy your chosen SAP Systems within minutes and it is available on the AWS Marketplace.

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Linke Console

Linke Console is a suite of products created by Linke to facilitate the management and operability of SAP systems with the help of Amazon Web Services.

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