Prerequisites #

Before you can start working with a Preinstalled AMI, you need to ensure that you fulfill the following prerequisites.

SAP S-User Account

AMIs are based on BYOL (Bring your own license) model. You will need to provide your own SAP Licenses. For that, your need to ensure that you own a valid S-User in SAP Service Marketplace with authorizations to request a SAP License Key.

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AWS account

AMIs will be deployed in your own AWS Account. If you don’t have one yet, you can register here Sign Up Now. Have your credit card handy

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Amazon VPC

Your AMI should run in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within your AWS Account. AWS provides a default VPC that you can use for that purpose, or you can use your own VPC in case that you have an existing one.

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Key Pair

Amazon EC2 uses public key cryptography to encrypt and decrypt login information. To be able to login into your newly created EC2 instance, you must create a new AWS Key Pair from the AWS Console, or ensure that you select the “Create a new Key Pair” option during the AMI deployment.

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