CreateTable #

Overview #

Adds a new table to your account. In an AWS account, table names must be unique within each Region. That is, you can have two tables with same name if you create the tables in different Regions.

AWS API Reference:

Method #


Import Parameters #

The request uses the following import parameters.

  • i_user_name

    Required: Yes.

    The IAM user of AWS account.

  • i_table_name

    Required: Yes.

    Name of the table to be created.

  • i_hash_field

    Required: Yes.

    Hash field value.

  • i_hash_type

    Required: Yes.

    Hash type.

    Possible values: 'S': String / 'N': Number / 'B': Binary.
  • i_range_field

    Required: Yes.

    Range field value.

  • i_range_type

    Required: Yes.

    Range type.

    Possible values: 'S': String / 'N': Number / 'B': Binary.
  • i_region

    Required: Yes.

    Name of the region.

Export Parameters #

This method use the following export parameters:

  • e_http_status

    HTTP Status code. Returns 200 if no errors found.

  • e_response_headers

    Returns information about the request in format Name/Value pair values.

  • e_response_content

    Response content in string format.

  • e_arn

    DynamoDB ARN value.