ListAliases #

Overview #

Gets a list of aliases in the caller’s AWS account and region. You cannot list aliases in other accounts. For more information about aliases, see CreateAlias.

AWS API Reference:

Method #


Import parameters #

This method use the following import parameters:

  • service

    Required: Yes.

    Service from which we want alias list.

Export Parameters #

This method use the following export parameters:

  • aliases

    Aliases list.

Example #

Get alias list of service ‘s3’ from region eu-west-1 of.

DATA: lo_kms_function TYPE REF TO /lnkaws/cl_aws_kms_function,
      lt_aliases      TYPE /lnkaws/aliase_tt,
      lo_cx_aws_s3    TYPE REF TO /lnkaws/cx_aws_s3.
    CREATE OBJECT lo_kms_function
        i_region    = 'eu-west-1'
        i_user_name = 'userawsconnector'.

    lt_aliases = lo_kms_function->list_aliases_service( service = 's3' ).
  CATCH /lnkaws/cx_aws_s3 INTO lo_cx_aws_s3.
    RAISE EXCEPTION lo_cx_aws_s3.