CreateTopic #

Overview #

Creates a topic to which notifications can be published.

AWS API Reference:

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) will be in the export parameter e_arn.

Method #


Import parameters #

This method uses the following import parameters:

  • i_user_name

    Required: Yes.

    The IAM user of AWS account.

  • i_topic

    Required: Yes.

    Value of the new topic.

  • i_region

    Required: Yes.

    Name of the region.

  • i_tag

    Table with tags to add.

    This table has two fields:
      - Tag_key.
      - Tag_value

Export Parameters #

This method use the following export parameters:

  • e_http_status

    HTTP Status code. Returns 200 if no errors found.

  • e_response_headers

    Returns information about the request in format Name/Value pair values.

  • e_response_content

    Response content in string format.

  • e_arn

    Value of the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the new topic.

Example #

DATA: lo_sns_topic   TYPE REF TO /lnkaws/cl_aws_sns_topic,
      lo_cx_aws_s3   TYPE REF TO /lnkaws/cx_aws_s3,
      lv_http_status TYPE i,
      lv_headers     TYPE tihttpnvp,
      lv_content     TYPE string,
      lv_arn         TYPE string.
    CREATE OBJECT lo_sns_topic
        i_region    = 'eu-west-1'
        i_user_name = 'userawsconnector'.

    CALL METHOD lo_sns->create_topic
        i_user_name        = 'userawsconnector'
        i_topic            = 'Topic_test'
        i_region           = 'eu-west-1'
        e_http_status      = lv_http_status
        e_response_headers = lv_headers
        e_response_content = lv_content
        e_arn              = lv_arn.
  CATCH /lnkaws/cx_aws_s3 INTO lo_cx_aws_s3.
    RAISE EXCEPTION lo_cx_aws_s3.