Installation and Basic Configuration

Installation and Basic Configuration of AWS Connector for SAP #

This section provides information to help you install the AWS Connector for SAP in your SAP Server and all the post-steps required to ensure the proper utilization of the solution.
Before Installing. If you haven’t already, please check that your system meets all prerequisites

Topics #

1. Installing the Add-on #

AWS Connector for SAP is installed as any other SAP Add-on

  1. From the Linke Console (, choose Resources Section under AWS Connector section and download the Installation Package.

  2. Log in to SAP the client 000 of your SAP Server with a user with enough permissions.

  3. Access SAINT transaction.

  4. Load the installation package into your system.

    Additional Information.

  5. Define the installation queue. Select the LNKAWS add-on package to be installed.

  6. Leave start options as default or check those needed for your SAP server.

  7. Install the queue. Installation starts straight after you have confirmed the start options.

    Additional information.

  8. The installation is now finished.

2. Configure the AWS Connector Add-on #

Follow these steps to configure the AWS Connector Add-on.

2.1 Activate SICF Services #

SICF service will handle the connections between SAP and AWS. To configure this service access follow these steps:

  1. Login to client 000 in your SAP Server

  2. Access transaction /N/LNKAWS/SICF.

  3. Select one of the following options to create/add the user that will be

    • User Proposal. This option will create a custom user LNKAWSICFUSE in your SAP server and attached to the SICF service.
    • I specify the user. You can decide the name of the custom user (It will create the user if it does not exist)
    • I have Central User Administration. You will provide with an existing user and password to configure the SICF user.

    Once executed you should expect an output as the one below:

    Creation of SICF node with service awsconnector_s3
    User LNKAWSICFUSE created
    SICF node awsconnector_s3 activated.

    The user created by the process will have the following authorizations attached:

    Field Text Field Name From To
    Activity ACTVT 03 03
    Internet Communication Framework Values ICF_VALUES '’ '’
    Logical Destination RFCDEST LNKAWS* LNKAWS*
    Type of entry in RFCDES RCTYPE G G
    Caution If the profile is not created correctly. Please check troubleshooting section Create SICF user Profile

2.2 Set AWS Credentials #

To access the desired AWS Services, you should provide AWS Connector with the credentials generated during Prepare your AWS Account section. Follow these steps to insert the credentials in the AWS Connector configuration:

  1. Run the AWS Connector console by opening the transaction /n/LNKAWS/S4MANAGER in your SAP Server

    Caution. If the console fails to load, check the troubleshooting guide Management Console for a solution.
  2. Jump to the Credentials tab

  3. Add a new user

  4. Insert the information required by using the AWS IAM Credentials obtained during configuration step Prepare your AWS Account in the prerequisites section.

    • IAM User Name
    • AWS Account
    • Access Key (programatic credentials)
    • Secret Key (programatic credentials)
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  1. Validate the entered credentials by pressing the Check button