Access and Credentials

Access and Credentials #

The Linke Console is a web portal, available at the following URL address:

To access the private content, the user will need a customer account to sign in into the portal.

An account is linked to the user’s email address and organization name, therefore there cannot be more than one account per email address, and a user cannot register an account with an organization name that already exist. To get more than one account for an organization, the organization administrator (the one who created it) must invite the rest of the organization members by email from the Invite form in the portal.

This section contains all the information regarding access and credentials management through the Linke Console portal.

Access to the portal #

Sign Up

Contains all the information about creating a Linke Console account.

Sign In and Sign Out

Contains information about logging into your account and ending an active session.

Credentials management #

Change Password

Contains information about the process of changing your access credentials.

Password Recovery

Contains information about the process of recovering a lost password.

Inviting and being invited #


Contains information about inviting and being invited to an organization.