Invitations #

About Invitations #

There are two kinds of customer roles in the Linke Console: organization administrators and regular organization members.

When a user registers in the Linke Console with a given organization name, no other user can register with the same organization name directly without invitation. This registered user is the organization’s administrator, and can invite other users to join the Linke Console within the same organization. These other users, when registered with an invitation, will be regular organization members.

Currently, the only difference in privileges between those two roles is that only organization administrators will have the ability to invite users to their organization.

Inviting a Member #

Only organization administrators can perform this action (that is, the users that registered directly into the Console, without invitation).

1. Go to Account Settings #

To do so, click on the username on the upper right corner of the screen, and select “Account Settings” on the user contextual menu that appears.
Linke Console's User Contextual Menu

Sign out from the user contextual menu.

2. Invite the new member #

Under Organization section, write the email address of the user to invite in the text field of the Invite Members section and hit the “Invite” button.

If the email address is invalid or the email could not be sent, an error message shall appear under the form. On success, a notification should appear on the top-right corner of the screen.

An invitation email will be sent to the given email address with the necessary link to register into the Linke Console within the same organization.

Account Settings: Invite Members

Account Settings: Invite Members.

Being Invited #

An invited user will receive an email message with a link on it. Following this link will lead them to the Linke Console registration form, but the email and organization fields will already be filled and non-editable.

Filling this pre-filled registration form (in the same way as specified in the Creating an account section), the user will become a member of the organization and will be able to access the portal with their own credentials, and see the same information as the rest of the members of their organization (contracts, licenses, registered hosts, etc.).

Account Settings: Invite Members

Account creation from an invitation.