AWS Connector

AWS Connector Service #

Overview #

The Linke AWS Connector for SAP enables businesses to integrate their on-premises or cloud-based SAP systems with Amazon S3 through an ABAP add-on.

AWS Connector for SAP is an SAP add-on, completely written in the Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language, that enables SAP systems to integrate with AWS in an unprecedented manner.

By implementing AWS software development kits (SDKs) in ABAP, enterprises can leverage AWS services as an extension of their SAP workloads using the same tools and programing language they already use.

The AWS Connector page on the Linke Console currently allows the following actions to the customer users:

Guests (Unauthenticated)

  • View general information on the product.
  • Access the online AWS Connector Documentation.

Members (Authenticated)

  • Download the installation guide and resources and request the add-on.
  • View the user’s Contracts and Licenses.
  • View the hosts that are registered within a license.
  • Get the registration keys to register a host to a license.
  • Unregister hosts from licenses.
  • Open and follow issue tickets.

Table of Contents #

This section contains all the information regarding AWS Connector console.


Contains information about AWS Connector documentation and resource downloads.


This section contains information about AWS Connector contracts and it’s attributes.

Licenses and Hosts

Contains information about AWS Connector licenses an registered hosts.


Contains information about purchasasing an AWS Connector contract.