AWS Connector Contracts #

Overview #

An AWS Connector contract will typically include one or more licenses of the same type (standard or enterprise).

AWS Connector Contract Attributes.

  • Status: Active, Expired, or In Grace.
  • Origin: AWS, SAP, Trial or Linke.
  • Contract ID: External unique identification string.
  • Creation: Creation date of the contract and all its licenses.
  • Expiration: Expiration date of the contract and all its licenses.

Contracts Page #

In this section you can view all your contracts, both those that are currently active, and those that have already expired.

The first element of the active contracts collection you can find a button to purchase new contracts (Purchase a contract).

By selecting any of your contracts, you will access its details, thus being able to see all its attributes and the licenses included in it.

Contract Filtering

Using the search field at the top left of the page, you can quickly filter your contracts by any of their attributes.

AWS Connector Contracts Page

AWS Connector contracts page.

Contract Details Page #

In the contract details section, you can view all the attributes of the contract, as well as all the licenses it includes.

By selecting any of the licenses from the list, the row will expand, showing more attributes of the license. In this expansion of the row, you can also find a button (View all details) to access the full details of the license, as well as a button (Register a host) to start the registration process of a new host.

You can find more information about host registration at Licenses and Hosts section.

License Filtering

The list of contract licenses can be filtered by three filtering components:

  • Search field: Filters licenses by any of their attributes and some attributes of their hosts.
  • Status: You can select one or more statuses to filter your licenses by.
  • With Availability: Shows only the licenses that are currently able to accept a new host.
AWS Connector Contract Details Page

AWS Connector contract details page.