AWS Connector Downloads #

All users can access the online AWS Connector documentation, but only authenticated users (Members) can download it. The download links are available at the AWS Connector Service Hub page, in the Documentation and Resources tabs on the top-right section.

Documentation #

The documentation is available online and as a downloadable PDF file.

The online version contains general information of the product and its functionalities, while the downloadable PDF consists of an AWS Connector Quick Installation Guide, updated to the current AWS Connector Add-on available for request from the resources tab.

Member Only Feature
This guide can only be downloaded by authenticated users with at least one active AWS Connector license.
AWS Connector Documentation Downloads

AWS Connector documentation downloads.

Resources #

SAP Add-on

The Add-on package request can be found under Resources section, and currently, it can only be obtained by email request to the Linke support team.

Set-up Template

The AWS Connector setup template is an Amazon Cloud Formation template that is responsible for creating and configuring the AWS resource stack necessary for the correct operation of the add-on.

Member Only Feature
Both package and setup template can only be obtained by authenticated users with at least one active AWS Connector licenses.
AWS Connector Resource Downloads

AWS Connector resource downloads.