Licenses and Hosts

AWS Connector Licenses and Hosts #

Overview #

An AWS Connector license allows to register 1 production host and up to 4 non-production hosts. An AWS Connector license belongs to one contract and has one type (dimension).

For each license, there can be up to 5 registered hosts (1 productive one, 4 non- productive ones). When clicking on a license’s row, a pop-up opens with the information of the registered hosts, and the empty remaining slots.

AWS Connector License Attributes.

  • Status: same as its contract’s status.
  • License ID: unique identification string for the license.
  • Dimension: name of the dimension or type of license.
  • Creation: same as its contract’s creation date.
  • Expiration: same as its contract’s expiration date.

AWS Connector Host Attributes.

  • Host ID: unique identification string for the host.
  • Client Version: Version of the installed client.
  • Creation: Host’s registration date.
  • Expiration: Host’s expiration date.
  • Hostname: The host’s name.
  • SID: SAP SID value of the registered host.
  • Production: whether it is a slot for a production or non-production host.

Licenses Page #

In this section you can view all AWS Connector licenses regardless of the contract to which they belong, both active ones and those that have already expired.

The license table shows the main details of these, as well as a last column that indicates the contract to which they belong. By clicking on the identifier located in this column, you can access the details of the contract in question.

By selecting any license from the list, the row will expand, showing more attributes of the license. In this expansion of the row, you can also find a button (View all details) to access all the details of the license, as well as a button (Register a host) to start the registration process of a new host.

You can find more information about registering and unregistering hosts can be found later in this section.

License Filtering

The list of licenses can be filtered by three filtering components:

  • Search field: Filters licenses by any of their attributes and some attributes of their hosts.
  • Status: You can select one or more statuses to filter your licenses by.
  • With Availability: Shows only the licenses that are currently able to accept a new host.
AWS Connector Licenses Page

AWS Connector licenses page.

License Details Page #

In the license details section, you can see all the license attributes as well as the listing of all currently registered hosts. Along with the list of registered hosts, you will also find a button (Register a host) to start the registration process for a new host.

By selecting any of the hosts in the list will expand the row to show more attributes of the host, as well as a button (Unregister host) to unregister the host from the license, this action can also be carried out by clicking on the cross next to the hostname tag located in one of the columns of the table.

Host Filtering

Using the search field located above the hosts list, you can quickly filter the license registered hosts by any of their attributes.

AWS Connector License Details Page

AWS Connector license details page.

Host Registration #

The AWS Connector is an ABAP add-on. When configured on the SAP host, it will give the user a text file and then ask for a license key, which needs to be obtained from the Linke Console website.

In order to obtain a license key to register a host, the user will need to have an Active contract (within the user’s organization) with at least one non-used licensed of the required dimension (standard / enterprise) that has at least one free slot of the correct type (production / non-production).

1. Initiate the registration process #

On the desired license expanded row, hit the button “Register a host” and the host registration dialog will appear.

2. Register the host #

The host registration dialog will prompt the user to upload a file, you can do so by browsing through your file system or dragging the file to the designated upload area. This file should be the text file downloaded from the AWS Connector add-on, and contains the necessary host information to link it with the license correctly and generate the resulting license key.

Once your registration source is selected, the registration process will automatically begin.

Emory Host Registration Dialog: Registration by file

AWS Connector host registration dialog: Upload Registration File.

Emory Host Registration Dialog: Registration by text

AWS Connector host registration dialog: Registration by Text.

2. Download your license key

If the registration process is successful, a confirmation message will appear next to a button (Download your license) that will start the download of the license key.

Hit the download button and upload the resulting license key to the host in order to finish the license setup.

AWS Connector Host Registration Dialog: Download License Key

AWS Connector host registration dialog: Download License Key.

Host Unregistration #

To disassociate a host or client from a given license, the user needs to access the Linke Console and click on the “Unregister Host” button on the corresponding host item on the license’s details page. The slot will be freed.
AWS Connector Host Unregistration

AWS Connector host unregistration.