Purchasing a contract #

To purchase Emory Licenses, the customers currently have two available methods.

Purchasing via AWS Marketplace

To purchase AWS Connector Licenses from the AWS Marketplace, the user needs to have an AWS account. Once logged in, search for “AWS Connector for SAP” and click on “Continue to Subscribe”.

The user will be asked how many licenses wants to purchase, and then show the total price. Currently, only the Standard version is available on the AWS Marketplace. Click on “Create Contract” and proceed to the payment.

After the payment has been successfully done, click on the blue link that says “Click here to setup your account” to activate the contract on the Linke Console.

The user will be redirected to the Linke Console home page and will be asked to log in or register into the portal. Once the authentication is complete (logged in or completed the registration process), the contract will be active and the user will be able to see it on the Linke Console.

Purchasing via contacting Linke

By directly contacting the Linke team, the user will be able to ask for special licensing requirements and/or special bulk discounts (including the Enterprise edition). The Linke personnel will manage the contracts information and the user will be able to register on the portal and view the contracts.