Emory Service #

Overview #

Emory Cloud Backup is a software completely integrated with AWS that stores backups performed by SAP databases directly in S3. There is no need to store backups in EBS volumes as it is managed in memory. It also offers a set of commands to check and verify the backups performed by the tool.

Customer manually initiate or schedule backups of their SAP HANA Databases on EC2 instances. As Emory runs backup, it connects to Emory backend to check license and logs the action.

The Emory page on the Linke Console currently allows the following actions to the customer users:

Guests (Unauthenticated)

  • View general information on the product.
  • Access the online Emory Documentation.

Members (Authenticated)

  • Download the Emory Installation Guide and Package.
  • Start a Trial Period.
  • View the user’s Contracts and Licenses.
  • View the hosts that are registered within a license.
  • Unregister hosts from licenses.
  • Open and follow issue tickets.

Table of Contents #

This section contains all the information regarding Emory console.


Contains information about Emory documentation and resource downloads.


This section contains information about Emory contracts and it’s attributes.

Licenses and Hosts

Contains information about Emory licenses an registered hosts.

Service Trial

Contains all information needed to start an Emory trial period.


Contains information about purchasasing an Emory contract.