Free Trial

Emory Free Trial #

Overview #

There is available a Free Trial Contract for any user that wants to test the product before buying it. Only authenticated users (Members) that have never had an Emory contract before will be able to get a Trial contract. The Free Trial Contract includes 3 licenses and lasts for 15 days.

1. Triggering the dialog #

The start of the trial contract can be triggered from two places.

In Emory’s Service Hub, clicking the “Start a 15-day trial” button located in the service actions, below the service overview.
In Emory’s Contracts page, you can find the “Start a 15-day trial” button in the first element of the collection of active contracts.

2. Configuring the trial #

In the trial activation dialog you can find 3 slots, each one representing a license included in your free trial contract. You must specify the memory category (Dimension) to which you want to allocate each license.

In Emory, specific licenses can be registered on hosts that meet their dimension requirement, that is, they do not exceed the amount of memory for which the license was created.

Select your three license dimensions and hit the button “Start your 15-day period trial” in order to activate the trial contract.

Emory Trial Dialog: Configuration

Emory trial activation dialog: Configuration.

2. Next Steps #

Once your trial period has been activated, the following steps to complete the installation will appear.
In case you haven’t already done them, follow them to install your Emory client.

Here you will also find a link to Emory’s offline documentation.

Emory Trial Dialog: Next Steps

Emory trial activation dialog: Next Steps.