Licensing Model

About Licensing Model #

Overview #

To use a service, you must have a valid and active contract, which in turn contains one or more licenses that can be linked to one or more hosts.

These licenses are categorized according to their dimension. A dimension establishes the minimum requirements to be met by the hosts that will use that license. These requirements may vary depending on the service, that is why each service has a certain set of dimensions with its specific restrictions.

Contracts #

A contract is the most basic licensing unit, these in turn are made up of one or more service licenses. A contract determines the origin through which the licenses were obtained and establishes a period of validity of these.

How to obtain a contract #

The contracts purchase methods will depend on the service, in its Service Hub page you can find the different methods.

Licenses #

Licenses are the main licensing mechanisms, they are included in a contract, and determine, through their dimension, the type of hosts that can be linked to it.

License Dimension #

Dimensions are the main attribute of a license, they determine the restrictions that the hosts that will use said license must comply with. Each service specifies a certain different set of dimensions.

You can find more licensing information in the specific documentation sections of each service.