Application Settings

Application Settings #

Overview #

Linke Console has a section of preferences and application settings.

In this section you can modify the behavior and appearance of the platform according to your tastes.

To access the application settings, you must press the button with the gear wheel next to the section that indicates the name and email of the user who is currently logged in located at the top left of the console, in the blue top bar.

Below you can find each and every one of the available configuration options listed and described.

Application Settings Section

Application settings section.

Configurations #

Appearance #

Includes all the settings that modify the appearance and user experience of the platform.

Framed UI

Activates the framed interface mode by adding borders to the sides of the canvas, in this way the focus to the content is improved.

Collapsed Menu

Activates collapsed menu mode. In this mode, only the service logo and the icons of the sections it contains will be shown, in this way more useful space is obtained.

Cache #

Controls the behavior of data collection and storage.


Controls the amount of time after which the cache will be considered stale, and therefore the corresponding data will be fetched again.

Stored Data

Allows the user to clean all temporarily stored content.