What is Emory Cloud Backup #

Linke’s Emory Cloud Backup implements the SAP Backint interface for SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE (Sybase) to manage and store database backups on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It is an SAP Certified solution that supports both single and multi-node (scale-out) on SAP HANA and Oracle deployments on AWS. It also supports any Linux version supported by SAP ASE. Emory Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE databases and leverages SAP administration tools to manage database backup catalogs stored on Amazon S3.

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Key Features & Benefits #

Fast backup and recovery
Database use case scenarios are designed to achieve your Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
Single and multi-node
Single-node and multi-node SAP HANA deployments on AWS are supported
Guaranteed security management
All data is secured and encrypted both in transit and REST
Efficiency and cost optimization insights
With Amazon S3 storage classes that meet your requirements, no middleware infrastructure is required
Cloud Native
Designed and built for and in the cloud.