FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) #

General #

  • What is Emory Cloud Backup?

    Emory Cloud Backup is a SAP Certified Backint implemetation fpr SAP Databases that integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of your SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases and leverages SAP administration tools to manage your database backup catalog stored on Amazon S3.

  • Emory Cloud Backup is a SAP-certified product?

    Yes. Emory Cloud Backup is an SAP-certified backint inteface for SAP HANA and Oracle databases. Certification details can be found in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory

  • Why should you use Emory Cloud Backup?

    Emory Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE databases and leverages SAP administration tools to manage database backup catalogs stored on Amazon S3. Database use case scenarios are designed to achieve your Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

  • How does the Emory Cloud Backup work?

    Emory Cloud Backup is installed as a native RPM package in your SAP Database server. To configure it you just need to enter your AWS Resources into the configuration tool and you will be ready in just minutes to start performing your backups to Amazon S3.

  • For which SAP products and versions is the Emory Cloud Backup available?

    Emory Cloud Backup is compatible with all SAP HANA, SAP ASE and Oracle (Linux only) versions supported in the SAP Support PAM. At the moment of this writing, the following versions are supported:

    • SAP HANA 1.0
    • SAP HANA 2.0
    • SAP ASE 15.7
    • SAP ASE 16.0
    • Oracle 12.x
    • Oracle 18.x
    • Oracle 19.x
  • Can a customer with their on-premise systems or another cloud provider use Emory Cloud Backup?

    No. At this moment there is no possibility to use Emory in a on-prem or different server than AWS, but this feature is in the Roadmap for future releases.

  • Emory Cloud Backup affects SAP Database performance

    No. Emory Cloud Backup has been developed with performance and optimization in mind, using only the minimum amount of CPU and RAM resources to avoid interfiring with the database perfomance.

Licensing #

  • How is Emory Cloud Backup licensed?

    Emory Cloud Backup is offered under a subscription license based on the number of SAP Database instances and the amount of memory of the EC2 instance. There is no additional cost for data volumes backup.

  • What is the price of the Emory Cloud Backup?

    You can purchase the Emory Cloud Backup directly from the AWS Marketplace, where you will find information about the prices of the available subscriptions.

  • Does the Emory Cloud Backup license include any kind of support?

    Yes. During the subscription period, we offer support, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm CET. We also offer 24x7 premium support on demand.

Security #

  • Is the Emory Cloud Backup secure?

    Emory Cloud Backup has been developed prioritizing security. The software complies with SAP requirements as part of the certification process by implementing the existing tools and best practices for communication encryption (TLS v1.2), authorization management (IAM) and data encryption using proprietary keys (AWS KMS).

  • How can I ensure that my data is sent through private network and not by the public internet?

    Using AWS S3 Endpoint, you will ensure that all your data will be moved through the AWS Backbone and nothing will be sent to the public internet.

  • How does the Emory Cloud Backup connect to the Amazon Web Services cloud?

    Communication between the SAP system and AWS is done securely using SSL protocol and using the available security mechanisms such as security groups, IAM roles or private endpoints for certain services such as Amazon S3.

  • How can we restrict access to AWS resources by the Emory Cloud Backup?

    Emory Cloud Backup connects to AWS using the instance profile attached to your EC2 Instance with permissions to access and operate AWS services. Using IAM roles, we can restrict and control Emory Cloud Backup access to resources on AWS.

  • What options does the Emory Cloud Backup have to encrypt the information that is shared with AWS services?

    Emory Cloud Backup enables the information and data stored in AWS to be encrypted using AWS KMS features and encryption modes.

  • Who owns the AWS account where my backups are stored?

    The AWS account belongs to the customer at all times. Each customer is free to create and configure the AWS account they want to be used by the Emory Cloud Backup, thus guaranteeing total control by the customer.

  • Is there a trial version of Emory Cloud Backup?

    Yes. Linke offers a full featured trial period, creating an account at the Linke Portal