Licensing #

Overview #

Using the emory settings tool, you can manage the agent licensing from the command line.

Before Continue

If you haven’t already, please make sure you have active and unused licenses in the Linke Management Console (

1. Register in interactive menu #

  • Start emory-settings tool by executing /opt/emory/emory as SAP Database Administrator user.

  • Select License Software from Main Menu to initiate the license specific setup.

    ? Emory Cloud Backup:  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
      Storage Providers profiles
      Data storage providers for backups & restores
      Specific Database configuration for Oracle database
    > License Software
      Logging settings
      Linke Backups Dashboard
      Backups Lifecycle
  • Select the desired option from the displayed menu and follow the below instructions.

    ? Select action to perfom:   [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
    > [Online ] Register license
      [Online ] Unregister license
      [Online ] Check license
      [Offline] Generate request file
      [Offline] Insert license
      [Offline] Delete license file
      [Offline] Check license
      Reset license (delete license files and recreate client UUID)
      Check Emory license

    Authentication Information

    You will need to use an active username and password for authentication during client un/registration. The user should be active in your Linke Console Organization.

    [Online ] Register license

    Authenticate with your Linke Console account user.

    ? UserName:
    ? Password: ************

    If the registration is successfull, a message like the one below will be displayed.

    Client has been correctly licensed. Client associated to license id: <1234-1412414-141424-141414>
    [Online ] Unregister license

    Authenticate with your Linke Console account user.

    ? UserName:
    ? Password: ************

    If the de-registration is successfull, a message like the one below will be displayed.

    Client has been correctly deregistered.

    [Online ] Check license

    If the client is correctly licensed, a validation message will be displayed.

    License is valid.

    If the license information is not valid, an error message will be displayed.

    [Offline] Generate request file

    This will generate an license request file that you will nedd to generate an offline license

    /opt/emory/conf/LNK.request file generated
    Press enter to continue 

    Once you have this file generated, you need to upload the file or its contents to Linke´s Console Web, selecting and empty license. Click on Register a host

    Emory Offline Licensing 1

    Once you have upload the required file or paste its contents, click on Register host.

    Emory Offline Licensing 2

    This will generate the license. Download it, open the file, copy its contents to clipboard and follow the steps from next section

    Emory Wizard Main Menu

    [Offline] Insert license

    Paste the contents of the generated file into the [Offline] Insert license option

    ? Select action to perfom:  [Offline] Insert license
    ? Paste you license or copy license file to /opt/emory/conf/LNK.license:
    /opt/emory/conf/LNK.license file written
    Press enter to continue
    [Offline] Delete license file
    Deletes the offline license
    [Offline] Check license

    Checks if the license is valid and its current expiration:

    ? Select action to perfom:  [Offline] Check license
    License is valid, will expire on 2020-12-24 09:05:10 +0000 UTC
    Press enter to continue
    Reset license (delete license files and recreate client UUID)

    Util when you recover a server for test/demo/system copy porpouses and wanted to forget about the old license. This will reset you current license files.

    License resetted.
    Check Emory license

    This option will check the Emory Licensing using both modes, offline or online. (This is the one used on runtime)

    ? Select action to perfom:  Check Emory license
    Valid license found.
    Press enter to continue

Additional License Information. #

You can find the Emory license information in the /opt/emory/conf/ yaml file. The file contains the following information:

  • ClientID: Unique identifier of the emory client.
  • License: License Identification associated with the emory client.
  • CustomerKey: Unique identification of the Organization where the license belongs.
  • expireson: Installed license expiration date
clientid: aca0d5ab-7768-4782-a463-9b76593dd3a0
license: 580637de-8580-49a8-967c-53fe4925db9d
customerkey: rOxebnSkCu8CzCZU6ZD4l8Gc2Ygh7ZdG30tth8xJ
expireson: 2020-12-24T09:05:10Z
If the license or customerkey fields are empty, you will need to register the client again to retrieve the license data from the Linke Console.

You can find additional the same information in the License details section in Linke Console. Emory Wizard Main Menu