Releases features #

Actual Release: 2104.20

2104.20 #

  • Disables HANA Catalog backup notification to Console Dashboard
  • Now you can configure wich type of backups you can notify to Console Dashboard, LOG type, others or both of them.
  • Enable emory debug traces log using Emory settings wizard

2104.15 #

  • Race condition fix for parallel processes trying to access local Emory backups database - emory.db

2104.13 #

  • LinkeIT Console backups dashboard notification fix for HANA Databases. In special scenarios backup end message was not send to LinkeIT Console backups dashboard making the backup to remain in Started status even when the backup is done.

2012.10 #

  • New configuration model
  • [Azure] Storage on Azure container

2011.16 #

  • Hana backint Certified by SAP
  • Oracle backint Certified by SAP
  • Sybase Library for backups
  • Backups Lifecycle
  • Oracle Backup Compression
  • Sybase Backup Compression
  • OnPremise Backup/Restore (Configuring AWS credentials with AWS Cli)
  • Unattended licensing
  • Backups Dashboard via LinkeIT Console Web
  • CLI Emory Catalog Management
  • [AWS] Data Storage on S3 Bucket
  • [AWS] KMS Encryption support
  • [AWS] Access other AWS account resources via AssumeRole (S3/KMS and SNS Topic )